Lord of the Fingers

         ‘How are you anyway?’          ‘Not too bad. Things gone a bit weird around here, though.’          ‘How so?’          ‘There was big shit there last week. Cops all over the place.’          ‘What was goin on?’          ‘Some fella runnin around with a knife or a machete or somethin...’          ‘Where was he goin with that?’          ‘I think he was… Continue reading Lord of the Fingers

The Pole.

There was big talk about this pole. Everyone kept on about the pole. The pole. The pole. I was driving down the road and the phone rang and this foreign lad said: 'We need to talk about the pole?' 'The pole?' 'The pole.' 'What pole?' 'You hit the pole.' 'What pole are you talking about?'… Continue reading The Pole.