Mick Donnellan chosen as one of three finalists for prestigious Playwrighting programme with Eugene O’Brien….

Delighted to be a part of this. Especially with Eugene O'Brien (Pure Mule, Eden). A big influence and a great writer. Check out the link below for more. Stay tuned for developments. Thanks all, Mick. News: Finalists Announced ​ After receiving over 70 entries we are delighted to announce the three selected finalists; Lesley Conroy,… Continue reading Mick Donnellan chosen as one of three finalists for prestigious Playwrighting programme with Eugene O’Brien….

Nice warm chips.

He was late sixties maybe. Galway accent. Denim jacket. Beard. Kristofferson look. Bonnet open, Toyota, side of the road, hoping something might happen. He'd been there a while. Contemplating the engine, listening to the scream of the traffic on the bypass. I pulled in. Asked him the rhetorical: 'Everything ok?' 'The car just stopped.' 'Stopped?'… Continue reading Nice warm chips.

Insignia still not scrapped.

Ah, sure lookit. These lads had it sorted. Big operators. Big into the car business. Known for doin yokes up. They wanted the remains on the Insignia. It was imperative they got it. Said they'd give €500. The loved Insignias. Had five or six of them in the forecourt out the back of their mother's… Continue reading Insignia still not scrapped.

Scrapping the Insignia, buying the Vectra.

The initial diagnosis was: 'You might be lucky.' It was enough to hang on to, maybe not buy a new car, maybe they'd take out the extra oil and sure it'd all be sound. Days passed, no word.   Had a great time getting buses around Athlone. Standing at the bus stop and people on… Continue reading Scrapping the Insignia, buying the Vectra.

The end of the Insignia…

The advice was - don't let her go low on oil, whatever you do. Keep plenty of oil in her. Then later. There was an almighty bang and a plume of smoke. I couldn't see out any of the windows for about twenty seconds. When the cloud cleared, it was like the aftermath of a… Continue reading The end of the Insignia…

Notes on Reamonn: Supergirl.

I was trying to write a bit when she walked in. It was around 3pm. Usually she's drunk by now. Buys a bottle of Vodka at 10am every morning and has it mostly drank by the afternoon. Normally it's in a flask and she carries it around and drinks it casually as the hours pass.… Continue reading Notes on Reamonn: Supergirl.

Paddy backs Ruby Walsh at the races…

We were working for the races. Doing security. Checking tickets for the VIP stadium where you had the best view of the track. Paddy was at the bottom door, an eccentric mid fifties. He opened with: ‘Hey, Micky…?’ I was at the middle door. Pretended I didn’t hear him. The he said again: ‘Hey, Micky…?’… Continue reading Paddy backs Ruby Walsh at the races…