Lord of the Fingers

         ‘How are you anyway?’          ‘Not too bad. Things gone a bit weird around here, though.’          ‘How so?’          ‘There was big shit there last week. Cops all over the place.’          ‘What was goin on?’          ‘Some fella runnin around with a knife or a machete or somethin...’          ‘Where was he goin with that?’          ‘I think he was… Continue reading Lord of the Fingers

Mick Donnellan has second Play accepted for UK publication – Radio Luxembourg.

Delighted to have a second Play accepted for publication by Smith Scripts. Titled Radio Luxembourg it has previously been adapted for film (Tiger Raid) and premiered at the Tribceca Film Festival. Radio Luxembourg is now published and available for Amateur and Professional production throughout the UK and beyond. You can read more here: https://www.smithscripts.co.uk/product/radio-luxembourg-by-mick-donnellan/ *Want… Continue reading Mick Donnellan has second Play accepted for UK publication – Radio Luxembourg.

The end of the Insignia…

The advice was - don't let her go low on oil, whatever you do. Keep plenty of oil in her. Then later. There was an almighty bang and a plume of smoke. I couldn't see out any of the windows for about twenty seconds. When the cloud cleared, it was like the aftermath of a… Continue reading The end of the Insignia…

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