All the bad news on the radio.

Wasn't even sure I wanted to go but, fuck it, here I was. Drink around, upturned ashtrays, cheap wine, cold night, dim light, Family Guy on the telly and me waiting to give a lift home but no stir, all talk and be ready in five minutes and all that. Then I remembered I was… Continue reading All the bad news on the radio.

Buying Litecoin?

'They reckon Bitcoin is going to hit a million per coin?' 'Maybe, maybe not. It might crash too.' 'So what do you recommend?' 'Altcoins.' 'What are they?' 'Alternative CryptoCurrency.' Is there a particular one?' 'Yeah - Litecoin is Mooning right now.' 'Is that a good thing?' 'Means it's heading for the moon.' 'Like in a… Continue reading Buying Litecoin?