Notes on the real artist.

He works in a small town and decides he's got a voice and wants to be an artist. Things the kid wants to do, things the kid wants to say. Most nights he drinks to stop him thinking and hopes to sleep but can never quite get there. Some voice, some emotional turmoil, something wrong… Continue reading Notes on the real artist.

Cloony The Clown.

Cloony The Clown  I'll tell you the story of Cloony the Clown Who worked in a circus that came through town. His shoes were too big and his hat was too small, But he just wasn't, just wasn't funny at all. He had a trombone to play loud silly tunes, He had a green dog… Continue reading Cloony The Clown.

Notes on Reamonn: Supergirl.

I was trying to write a bit when she walked in. It was around 3pm. Usually she's drunk by now. Buys a bottle of Vodka at 10am every morning and has it mostly drank by the afternoon. Normally it's in a flask and she carries it around and drinks it casually as the hours pass.… Continue reading Notes on Reamonn: Supergirl.

Meeting the sniper.

The night came, over the hills; sun fell down, a ball of red fire, retreating, like a flame slowly. Humidity stayed. We got to Lawrence, Kansas. I stood outside and listened to Josh Ritter. The moon bright, still trees, people smoking cigarettes. Guy asks me for a light. Told him I had none. He got… Continue reading Meeting the sniper.

Hollywood to Vancouver

The hostel was on Crenshaw Boulevard. We had to go through Hollywood to get there. So we get off the train and me and old Jane are there with a world of bags and a continent of fatigue and we see all these film rolls on the walls. Jane knows what they are cos she… Continue reading Hollywood to Vancouver

Mokusatsu now available Worldwide in Paperback.

Mokusatsu   A New Novel    by   Mick Donnellan   Now available in Paperback.    **Price €10**  (Includes Postage and Worldwide Delivery. )**         Read more on    

Liz Parsons shares thoughts on Mokusatsu…

Hi Mick, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Mokusatsu. It's a really gripping read. Very dark, but also really funny! The Ballinrobe ATM raid had me in stitches! Your powers of description are amazing. In just a few words you give a full sense of what a place looks like, smells… Continue reading Liz Parsons shares thoughts on Mokusatsu…

Mayo County Library to Stock Mokusatsu at all venues.

  Mayo Country Library have requested an order of Mick Donnellan's third novel - "Mokusatsu" to be stocked at all libraries around the county. It will be widely available there in the coming weeks. Please ask your local librarian for an update if looking to borrow. Special thanks to Mary Farragher and all involved. You… Continue reading Mayo County Library to Stock Mokusatsu at all venues.