All the bad news on the radio.

Wasn't even sure I wanted to go but, fuck it, here I was. Drink around, upturned ashtrays, cheap wine, cold night, dim light, Family Guy on the telly and me waiting to give a lift home but no stir, all talk and be ready in five minutes and all that. Then I remembered I was… Continue reading All the bad news on the radio.

Poor Craytures.

  Got the call to go down to Marian. She wanted to sign up. I was in the area. How am I fixed? This was good news on a bad Friday. Needed a fast sale and get home. Marian sounded the type that could just sign up, tick all the boxes, and the weekend could… Continue reading Poor Craytures.

Meeting the sniper.

The night came, over the hills; sun fell down, a ball of red fire, retreating, like a flame slowly. Humidity stayed. We got to Lawrence, Kansas. I stood outside and listened to Josh Ritter. The moon bright, still trees, people smoking cigarettes. Guy asks me for a light. Told him I had none. He got… Continue reading Meeting the sniper.

Quadplay in Australia – #32

Meanwhile in Australia, Joe said: 'I've no sales for you, Micky.' 'No sales?' 'No sales.' 'Why no sales, what happened?' 'I had one but I lost it.' 'Lost it?' 'Lost it?' 'Gone. G'luck. Lost. She was definite too.' 'Not that definite.' 'Wasn't her fault.' 'Was it yours?' 'No.' 'Who then?' 'It's a quare story.' 'Sure… Continue reading Quadplay in Australia – #32

Amsterdam –

Outside, Nick was there. Staying in the same hostel. 'Do you want to get a Wokbox?' I did. And we went to get one. As we ate, he said: 'Your ears are huge.' 'Thanks.' 'No seriously, they look like satellite dishes. What's on Sky One there?' 'Were you on the mushrooms again?' 'Just took a… Continue reading Amsterdam –

The Letter –

Rachel asked: 'Can I use your phone?' 'Why?' 'I need to ring an 1800 number and I have no credit.' 'Ok.' I gave it to her. She dialled. There was phone music. Then a myriad of options. She chose one. Then it went through to the customer service and a woman answered with: 'What's your… Continue reading The Letter –

Joe Ninety.

I was in Australia. Working for a Sales company. I got the call around two. Fella called Joe had applied for a position. An Irishman like myself. Would I bring him for a spin and see what I thought? The job had a strong emphasis on personal appearance First impressions. Compliance with legal obligations and… Continue reading Joe Ninety.

Fear and Loathing in Venice.

Venice was full of Bridges and rain. €75 euro for a Gondola ride. Fuck that. Walked around. Found a hostel. €38  please. Cheapest going. What can you do? Sought after place. Checked in. Ate a weird cheese dish called Gnocchi with twelve other guests. They knew all about it. I was from Ireland and hadn’t… Continue reading Fear and Loathing in Venice.