Black Friday Deal on Mick Donnellan’s Novels.

Well, I'm doing a Black Friday promotion on my books. You'll see some good rates and discounts by clicking on the links below. It ends Saturday. Sound, Mick. Fisherman's Blues by Mick Donnellan * El Niño * Mokusatsu (Sequel to El Niño Book 2) by Mick Donnellan

Scrapping the Insignia, buying the Vectra.

The initial diagnosis was: 'You might be lucky.' It was enough to hang on to, maybe not buy a new car, maybe they'd take out the extra oil and sure it'd all be sound. Days passed, no word.   Had a great time getting buses around Athlone. Standing at the bus stop and people on… Continue reading Scrapping the Insignia, buying the Vectra.

Looking to buy Mick Donnellan’s on Novels Amazon Kindle?

Fisherman's Blues by Mick Donnellan (On Kindle) ***** El Niño by Mick Donnellan Now available on Kindle - ****** Mokusatsu - Available now on Kindle - ***** Tales from the Heart - A Collection of New Creative Writing from the Students at Athlone Institute of Technology - Now available on Kindle here:… Continue reading Looking to buy Mick Donnellan’s on Novels Amazon Kindle?

Dentist sequel – The Extraction…(reblog)

A few days later, the dentist rang and said: ‘I rang the dental crowd and it’s sorted now.’ ‘What happened?’ ‘Someone mixed up your files with a 75 year old man.’ ‘How?!’ ‘I don’t know, but that other man had all his teeth extracted, and you still have most of yours. So that’s where the… Continue reading Dentist sequel – The Extraction…(reblog)

Notes on inspiration….

She had an idea for a book in the morning. It was there. When she woke up. Clear, concise, simple, brilliant. The clarity was astounding. The story felt original, unique, a credible take on a new way of fiction. All there was to do was write it. The characters were already developed, the plot points… Continue reading Notes on inspiration….

Mick Donnellan’s “Mokusatsu” Now available on Kindle.

Mick Donnellan's most recent novel     "Mokusatsu"     is now available to be read as a Kindle e-book.     You can do so here: More details below.   About Mokusatsu is the long awaited sequel to Novelist Mick Donnellan's first book El Niño. Despite the Japanese name, Mokusatsu is… Continue reading Mick Donnellan’s “Mokusatsu” Now available on Kindle.

Notes on being on the road….

My daughter Nairobi asked: Why are you working today, daddy? It's Sunday. I tried to explain but didn't do a good job. Hard to define a trip across the country with a boot full of books. But here is I. We were in Mr.Price in Athlone. Spending an hour together before I hit the road.… Continue reading Notes on being on the road….

Notes on fear of public perception.

    She wrote a novel a few years back but doesn't think it's any good. Put it under the bed and thinks about it sometimes, but not often. It was a story she wanted to write, a tale she wanted to tell but then felt it didn't hit the mark. Lacking truth somehow. Her… Continue reading Notes on fear of public perception.