The forms.

  'Hey, Mick. Did Danny get the forms?' 'Which forms?' 'The mandatory ones?' 'Eh...I'll ask him.' I rang Danny and he said: 'What forms?' 'The mandatory ones?' 'What the fuck does that mean? 'I'll get back to ya.' Later, I asked: 'Can you clarify "Mandatory"?' 'They're a requirement by the regulator.' 'And what do they… Continue reading The forms.

Donedeal Dialogue

The phone rang and he opened with: ‘How much d’ya want for the car, boss?’ ‘€650.’ ‘€650 you’ve up on the ad, but what’ll you take for it.’ ‘What’ll you give?’ ‘Ah, I don’t know, sure is there no brakes on her?’ ‘No.’ ‘Or NCT???’ ‘Eh…no that’s gone too.’ ‘And you want €650?? Shtop, I’ll… Continue reading Donedeal Dialogue

Notes on being on the road….

My daughter Nairobi asked: Why are you working today, daddy? It's Sunday. I tried to explain but didn't do a good job. Hard to define a trip across the country with a boot full of books. But here is I. We were in Mr.Price in Athlone. Spending an hour together before I hit the road.… Continue reading Notes on being on the road….

Poor Craytures.

  Got the call to go down to Marian. She wanted to sign up. I was in the area. How am I fixed? This was good news on a bad Friday. Needed a fast sale and get home. Marian sounded the type that could just sign up, tick all the boxes, and the weekend could… Continue reading Poor Craytures.

Buying the Insignia.

  The lad in the recovery truck had a great bedside manner. Shoulda been a doctor. I know this because he said: 'That car's fucked." "Fucked?" "Fucked completely." "What'll we do?" "Do you know any scrapyards? I can tow you to one." "I still need a car." "Time for Donedeal I'd say." Later on Donedeal,… Continue reading Buying the Insignia.

The Lost Post #28

  'Hey, Mick. Did you get the post?' 'What post?' 'The post we sent you.' 'I didn't get any post from you.' 'But we sent it.' 'I didn't get it, though.' 'Oh.' 'Hmm....' 'Is this your address?' 'No.' 'No?' 'No. That's my old address.' 'And you didn't update it on the system?' 'I did. Last… Continue reading The Lost Post #28

The Letter –

Rachel asked: 'Can I use your phone?' 'Why?' 'I need to ring an 1800 number and I have no credit.' 'Ok.' I gave it to her. She dialled. There was phone music. Then a myriad of options. She chose one. Then it went through to the customer service and a woman answered with: 'What's your… Continue reading The Letter –

Mick Donnellan’s second Novel “Fisherman’s Blues” now available in Paperback from Amazon!

Buy Fisherman's Blues in PAPERBACK now! Fisherman’s Blues is the hilarious new novel from Mick Donnellan.Dark and audacious, written in a distinct West of Ireland vernacular, the book sings with the signature style of all Donnellan’s previous work and more. Delving into the lives of drinkers, lovers, thieves and scam artists, the story weaves a… Continue reading Mick Donnellan’s second Novel “Fisherman’s Blues” now available in Paperback from Amazon!

Magnetism –

‘Your man was goin around there sellin them for €50.’ ‘And what do they look like?’ ‘Just like normal magnets, but awful powerful. It’s like you take out the inside of a speaker and magnetise its strength by a hundred.’ ‘And what do you do with it?’ ‘You just stick it to the side of… Continue reading Magnetism –

Pairic’s bitta chop.

Pairic’s house had a warm range and bright lights and a lino floor. Out in the country, real country, twenty miles from the nearest town. A dog called Patch that smelled like a wet sheep. The wife came in and she said to Pairic: ‘What’s wrong with you?’ ‘I’m changin this over.’ He said. She… Continue reading Pairic’s bitta chop.