Notes on being on the road….

My daughter Nairobi asked: Why are you working today, daddy? It's Sunday. I tried to explain but didn't do a good job. Hard to define a trip across the country with a boot full of books. But here is I. We were in Mr.Price in Athlone. Spending an hour together before I hit the road.… Continue reading Notes on being on the road….

Notes on Procrastination – always give up on your dreams.

Gerry's says he's retiring soon and he's going to write a book. It's going to be a bestseller and maybe I'll read it and give him some notes when it's finished? I tell Gerry yeah, no problem, send it on to me. And when are you retiring? 'About three years from now.' He says. 'But… Continue reading Notes on Procrastination – always give up on your dreams.

Poor Craytures.

  Got the call to go down to Marian. She wanted to sign up. I was in the area. How am I fixed? This was good news on a bad Friday. Needed a fast sale and get home. Marian sounded the type that could just sign up, tick all the boxes, and the weekend could… Continue reading Poor Craytures.

Notes on dialogue.

  Some nights, as the writer's about to go to sleep, she hears a voice. Something random. A snippet, a tannoy announcement, a passing comment, an opinion from a radio presenter. It invades her thoughts loudly, briefly and unannounced and is then gone. As time goes on, the voices become more frequent. More direct. They… Continue reading Notes on dialogue.

Notes on Rejection.

Rejection of your writing is the the best thing that can happen. It says you're doing something correct. Something right. When people reject something they are afraid of it. They don't know what it is, they don't understand what it's about, and they don't have the courage to follow through and find out. The majority… Continue reading Notes on Rejection.

Mokusatsu now available Worldwide in Paperback.

Mokusatsu   A New Novel    by   Mick Donnellan   Now available in Paperback.    **Price €10**  (Includes Postage and Worldwide Delivery. )**         Read more on    

Liz Parsons shares thoughts on Mokusatsu…

Hi Mick, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Mokusatsu. It's a really gripping read. Very dark, but also really funny! The Ballinrobe ATM raid had me in stitches! Your powers of description are amazing. In just a few words you give a full sense of what a place looks like, smells… Continue reading Liz Parsons shares thoughts on Mokusatsu…

Mayo County Library to Stock Mokusatsu at all venues.

  Mayo Country Library have requested an order of Mick Donnellan's third novel - "Mokusatsu" to be stocked at all libraries around the county. It will be widely available there in the coming weeks. Please ask your local librarian for an update if looking to borrow. Special thanks to Mary Farragher and all involved. You… Continue reading Mayo County Library to Stock Mokusatsu at all venues.

The Golden Parachute –

I was there to meet Anne. Anne wasn't there. Debbie was. The place was awful cold, like it had no windows. There was a smell like turf and burnt cardboard and two scrawny puppies were trying to dislodge some left over pizza from a Dominos box in the fireplace. Debbie had a cigarette in one… Continue reading The Golden Parachute –

King Charles.

He picked me up on the road cos I was hitching. He was eating a cone, licking the syrup, trying not to swerve. After the pleasantries, he hold me the story. He saw the dog on Done Deal. A beautiful King Charles for cheap money in Limerick. It took four hours and a lot of… Continue reading King Charles.