Notes on Reviews….

The odd thing about reviews is they're not reviews anymore. They tend to be banal descriptions of the story that begin with what happens at the beginning, give away all the plot points and then spell out the end. There is no opinions, no critical analysis, no understanding of where the title being reviewed fits… Continue reading Notes on Reviews….

Notes on Confidence.

It's over. It's done. No more writing. Time to delete all the files, all the words, all the articles and the half finished novels and badly baked stories. Take down the blogs. Remove all the links and pictures. Burn all the reviews. Put the laptop in the microwave and swing the microwave to full power.… Continue reading Notes on Confidence.

Meeting the sniper.

The night came, over the hills; sun fell down, a ball of red fire, retreating, like a flame slowly. Humidity stayed. We got to Lawrence, Kansas. I stood outside and listened to Josh Ritter. The moon bright, still trees, people smoking cigarettes. Guy asks me for a light. Told him I had none. He got… Continue reading Meeting the sniper.

Mokusatsu now available Worldwide in Paperback.

Mokusatsu   A New Novel    by   Mick Donnellan   Now available in Paperback.    **Price €10**  (Includes Postage and Worldwide Delivery. )**         Read more on    

Liz Parsons shares thoughts on Mokusatsu…

Hi Mick, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Mokusatsu. It's a really gripping read. Very dark, but also really funny! The Ballinrobe ATM raid had me in stitches! Your powers of description are amazing. In just a few words you give a full sense of what a place looks like, smells… Continue reading Liz Parsons shares thoughts on Mokusatsu…

Mayo County Library to Stock Mokusatsu at all venues.

  Mayo Country Library have requested an order of Mick Donnellan's third novel - "Mokusatsu" to be stocked at all libraries around the county. It will be widely available there in the coming weeks. Please ask your local librarian for an update if looking to borrow. Special thanks to Mary Farragher and all involved. You… Continue reading Mayo County Library to Stock Mokusatsu at all venues.

The Golden Parachute –

I was there to meet Anne. Anne wasn't there. Debbie was. The place was awful cold, like it had no windows. There was a smell like turf and burnt cardboard and two scrawny puppies were trying to dislodge some left over pizza from a Dominos box in the fireplace. Debbie had a cigarette in one… Continue reading The Golden Parachute –

Advice not taken – when Bitcoin was @ $25.

English accent, tin of cat food, he said: 'I'm off the grid, man.' 'Off the grid?' 'Yeah, not connected to the power grid. We just couldn't afford the high bills anymore. Not worth it.' 'What do ye do for Electricity?' 'Leisure battery, and solar panels.' 'How's that work?' 'A leisure battery is what they use… Continue reading Advice not taken – when Bitcoin was @ $25.