All the bad news on the radio.

Wasn't even sure I wanted to go but, fuck it, here I was. Drink around, upturned ashtrays, cheap wine, cold night, dim light, Family Guy on the telly and me waiting to give a lift home but no stir, all talk and be ready in five minutes and all that. Then I remembered I was… Continue reading All the bad news on the radio.

Notes on Reviews….

The odd thing about reviews is they're not reviews anymore. They tend to be banal descriptions of the story that begin with what happens at the beginning, give away all the plot points and then spell out the end. There is no opinions, no critical analysis, no understanding of where the title being reviewed fits… Continue reading Notes on Reviews….

Notes on the digital age….

You don't know who you are. You used to know. But not anymore. There was a stage when you could count all the people you knew respected you and those that didn't. You could say with relative ease how many things and instances you should regret and ought to be ashamed of. But not anymore.… Continue reading Notes on the digital age….

Winter Olympics – Two for One Vodkas.

The Supervisor was partial to a Hot Chocolate and a power trip. I got to work and he said: ‘You lost your jacket?’ ‘Yeah.’ He took a sip and asked: ‘How?’ ‘It wasn’t there when I woke up this mornin…’ ‘You know you need that, right? You can’t work without it, it’s policy, you need… Continue reading Winter Olympics – Two for One Vodkas.