Thursday May 28th: Mick Donnellan’s New Monologue to be performed at Scripts Ireland Playwrighting Event.

​  You are cordially invited to: Alive and Online as part of the Scripts Ireland Playwrighting Festival. Thursday 28th of May. *8.30pm.* Tune in on this link: Join the Facebook event here: Further information on: Thursday May 28th will see the celebration of the Scripts Ireland Competition which ran from early May and will now… Continue reading Thursday May 28th: Mick Donnellan’s New Monologue to be performed at Scripts Ireland Playwrighting Event.

The fuse.

Vectra going well. Yellow engine light still on and the cigarette lighter gone. Great craic if you're into dead phones. Said I'd change the fuse. Big plan, DIY plan. Looked up the biblical Youtube and a Polish lad had a video where you find the fusebox. It was in the boot, on the left, behind… Continue reading The fuse.

Notes on Reviews….

The odd thing about reviews is they're not reviews anymore. They tend to be banal descriptions of the story that begin with what happens at the beginning, give away all the plot points and then spell out the end. There is no opinions, no critical analysis, no understanding of where the title being reviewed fits… Continue reading Notes on Reviews….

Notes on the real artist.

He works in a small town and decides he's got a voice and wants to be an artist. Things the kid wants to do, things the kid wants to say. Most nights he drinks to stop him thinking and hopes to sleep but can never quite get there. Some voice, some emotional turmoil, something wrong… Continue reading Notes on the real artist.

Notes on inspiration….

She had an idea for a book in the morning. It was there. When she woke up. Clear, concise, simple, brilliant. The clarity was astounding. The story felt original, unique, a credible take on a new way of fiction. All there was to do was write it. The characters were already developed, the plot points… Continue reading Notes on inspiration….

Mick Donnellan to attend event for Mayo Writers on Dec 1st.

  Mayo Arts Service, Mayo County Council Write Now 2018 – a speed dating writing event for Mayo writers. Write Now 2018 is an initiative of Mayo Art Service. This event affords Mayo Writers the opportunity of 20-minute speed dating type mentoring slots with a Poet, a Playwright, aScreenwriter, a Short story writer, a Novelist… Continue reading Mick Donnellan to attend event for Mayo Writers on Dec 1st.

Social Media – #29

When writing my first two novels the country was changing so fast that by the time they were ready the material could feel almost obsolete. Your characters go to book a flight in a travel agents but when your story is finished, everyone gets their flights online. People don't call each other on landlines anymore… Continue reading Social Media – #29

Mongs –

Sat down to write. The house was quiet. Nairobi, our daughter, was asleep. I was in serious danger of doing something creative. Then Michelle came back and said: 'I lost your card.' 'My debit card?' 'Yeah. I lost it. I'm looking for it.' 'Where'd you you lose it?' 'I don't know, if I knew that… Continue reading Mongs –