Coinbase/Visa debacle

'So, I'm sitting at home.' 'You're sitting at home.' 'And the news breaks.' 'What news?' 'You didn't hear?' 'I don't know, you haven't told me. What news?' 'Fuck. Fuckin news. Fuck. About the Crypto.' 'What about the Crytpo? The Bitcoin thing?' 'The Bitcoin thing. The Litecoin thing. The Ethereum thing. The whole fuckin thing. And… Continue reading Coinbase/Visa debacle

Buying Litecoin?

'They reckon Bitcoin is going to hit a million per coin?' 'Maybe, maybe not. It might crash too.' 'So what do you recommend?' 'Altcoins.' 'What are they?' 'Alternative CryptoCurrency.' Is there a particular one?' 'Yeah - Litecoin is Mooning right now.' 'Is that a good thing?' 'Means it's heading for the moon.' 'Like in a… Continue reading Buying Litecoin?

Advice not taken – when Bitcoin was @ $25.

English accent, tin of cat food, he said: 'I'm off the grid, man.' 'Off the grid?' 'Yeah, not connected to the power grid. We just couldn't afford the high bills anymore. Not worth it.' 'What do ye do for Electricity?' 'Leisure battery, and solar panels.' 'How's that work?' 'A leisure battery is what they use… Continue reading Advice not taken – when Bitcoin was @ $25.