Lord of the Fingers

         ‘How are you anyway?’          ‘Not too bad. Things gone a bit weird around here, though.’          ‘How so?’          ‘There was big shit there last week. Cops all over the place.’          ‘What was goin on?’          ‘Some fella runnin around with a knife or a machete or somethin...’          ‘Where was he goin with that?’          ‘I think he was… Continue reading Lord of the Fingers

The fuse.

Vectra going well. Yellow engine light still on and the cigarette lighter gone. Great craic if you're into dead phones. Said I'd change the fuse. Big plan, DIY plan. Looked up the biblical Youtube and a Polish lad had a video where you find the fusebox. It was in the boot, on the left, behind… Continue reading The fuse.

Insignia still not scrapped.

Ah, sure lookit. These lads had it sorted. Big operators. Big into the car business. Known for doin yokes up. They wanted the remains on the Insignia. It was imperative they got it. Said they'd give €500. The loved Insignias. Had five or six of them in the forecourt out the back of their mother's… Continue reading Insignia still not scrapped.

Notes on Reviews….

The odd thing about reviews is they're not reviews anymore. They tend to be banal descriptions of the story that begin with what happens at the beginning, give away all the plot points and then spell out the end. There is no opinions, no critical analysis, no understanding of where the title being reviewed fits… Continue reading Notes on Reviews….

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