Notes on fear of public perception.

She wrote a novel a few years back but doesn't think it's any good. Put it under the bed and thinks about it sometimes, but not often. It was a story she wanted to write, a tale she wanted to tell but then felt it didn't hit the mark. Lacking truth somehow. Her influences were… Continue reading Notes on fear of public perception.

Notes on Confidence.

It's over. It's done. No more writing. Time to delete all the files, all the words, all the articles and the half finished novels and badly baked stories. Take down the blogs. Remove all the links and pictures. Burn all the reviews. Put the laptop in the microwave and swing the microwave to full power.… Continue reading Notes on Confidence.

Notes on Rejection.

Rejection of your writing is the the best thing that can happen. It says you're doing something correct. Something right. When people reject something they are afraid of it. They don't know what it is, they don't understand what it's about, and they don't have the courage to follow through and find out. The majority… Continue reading Notes on Rejection.

Mokusatsu now available Worldwide in Paperback.

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Applying for Funding – #27.

  Good few years ago, was looking for funding. Couldn’t find the application forms. There was a contact address for the Arts Officer on the site. Figured that was a good place to start.  Sent him an e-mail and two weeks later he hadn’t replied. Called the number and he didn’t answer. Left a voicemail. … Continue reading Applying for Funding – #27.

Truman Town Founded, First Play, Sunday Morning Coming Down – #26

It was raining in Galway. Imagine that. The light rain of morning welcome, caffeine from the clouds. Monday coming fast. Car in Tonery's car park since Friday evening. Was on the way back from some party in some house, some couch, some estate somewhere. The plan was to go back to Ballinrobe and it was… Continue reading Truman Town Founded, First Play, Sunday Morning Coming Down – #26

Side jobs –

  The writing wasn't paying the bills. Imagine that? Had to get some of what the experts called "real work." We were there to fix her wall. Her landlord had rang and said there was a big hole in it and could we do something.  When we got there she couldn't open the front door.… Continue reading Side jobs –

The Golden Parachute –

I was there to meet Anne. Anne wasn't there. Debbie was. The place was awful cold, like it had no windows. There was a smell like turf and burnt cardboard and two scrawny puppies were trying to dislodge some left over pizza from a Dominos box in the fireplace. Debbie had a cigarette in one… Continue reading The Golden Parachute –