#6 Skyway

It was one o’clock. Three hours late for work and she was still getting ready. No panic, we weren’t getting paid right anyway so it was only a matter of turning up. She sat in, sunglasses, said: ‘Sorry, I had to check oven.’

         ‘It’s alright.’

         ‘Where we go today?’


         ‘Sounding nice.’

         We came around by the Shannon Weir. Up O’Connell street, down Pearse and over the bridge. Went through Beechpark and took a right at B&Q towards Coosan. Sunny calm October in Athlone, like a dream you can’t remember but the feeling is good and you hang on to it. We took a right on to the bypass and she said: ‘I have customer in the Arden Vale.’

         ‘Great. We’ll go there.’

         ‘I talked to my investors last night.’

         ‘About the Zimbabwe money?’

         ‘No, this is Skyway….’

         ‘What’s the Skyway…?’

         ‘It’s a new project by a company in Bulgaria…’

         ‘What’s the project?’

         ‘The Skyway.’

         ‘What’s it do?’

         ‘It’s in the sky.’

         I looked up, asked: ‘Is it there now?’

         ‘No. It’s not began building yet….but it will be.’



         ‘And what’ll it be then?’

         ‘A train.’

         ‘In the sky?’

         ‘Yes, like a skytrain….’


         ‘They’re excited about the construction…’

         ‘How’s it comin along…?.’

         ‘Good, maybe in 3/5 years it will connect….’

         ‘Connect what?’

         ‘Europe first, then the whole world, hopefully….I have investments in it.’


         ‘Enough to make me rich when it happens. Have you done Lotto?’

         ‘Is that tonight?’

         Incredulous. ‘Yesss….of course.’

         ‘Maybe in Tullamore I’ll buy a ticket.’

         ‘You must. We can’t do this job forever. Did you hear something from Dublin today?’

         ‘No. I have them blocked all week. You?’

         ‘Some missed calls. Fuck them fuckers.’

         Later in Tullamore, we were finished in Arden Vale when a customer called Ciara rang and said she had no electricity and could we help her out. I asked her what happened and she said her prepaid electricity company cut off her power because she tried to change provider and they weren’t happy about it. They told her they wouldn’t put her power back on until she agreed to cancel the change and stay with them. And she had a four year old son that was sick and his medicine was in the fridge and now it was going stale. And they knew that but still left her stuck. I told her to hang on and I rang the regulator for complaints about electricity in Ireland and they said they couldn’t do anything. And then Ciara rang back and said the prepaid company was after sending a lad out to the house to convince her to change her mind. And she tried to close the door in his face but he put his foot out and stopped it closing and asked her: “Where the fuck do you think you’re goin?” And eventually she gave in and cancelled the switch and now she has her power back and thanks anyway and the kid’s ok.

After that we went to Applegreen and if you use the App you can get 500ml of water in an eco-friendly cardboard bottle for 50 cent. So I bought two of them and a Cappuccino and a lotto ticket just in case. And if the numbers didn’t come up there was always Skyway as a Plan B.

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