Mick Donnellan’s new Writing Course begins Tuesday 24th – 7.30pm @ AIT Athlone.

Sign up to Mick Donnellan’s New Creative Writing Course


 Athlone Institute of Technology.  

Tuesday September 24th

7.30 – 9.30pm

Duration 10 weeks

Cost: €180


Life Long Learning Department at AIT:

(0906) 471829

Mobile: (087) 9422942.


**Limited Places. Early Booking Strongly Advised.**

About the Course:

Mick Donnellan’s new Creative Writing Course opens this September 24th at the AIT Athlone. Building on the creative momentum gathered in recent classes, the course will concentrate on Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction and Publishing. 

Each student will get a chance to work on a creative project of their choice and use the class as a safe environment to get feedback, ask questions, and learn new techniques and approaches to their craft.

The Fiction Module will explore the art of the Short Story, different genres of the modern novel as well as how to plot and develop your story or book. This will be an incisive and educational exploration of the writing process and will enlighten students in ways that help them make substantial leaps forward in their creative careers.

The Poetry Module will examine Poets past and present as well as dive into the poetic mind and process. We will pull back the veil on conventional poetry and examine the difference between sincere verse and commercial rhyme. Aspiring poets will share work and get constructive feedback on their voice, themes and style.

Non-Fiction will cover a myriad of writing styles such as Biography, Memoir, Journalism, Review, Writing Features and Online Media. Students often find this aspect of the course the most educational and discover talents they never knew they had. For instance, Fiction writers often find they are better at Memoir and poets find passion for Blogging or Journalism.  Some Short Story writers have found they prefer writing Biography. This module will help students realise their full potential and ensure they are not locked  into one specific style or type of writing.

Publishing: We will go through the entire publishing process from editing, to format, designing the cover, marketing and getting work published.  This will be an insightful and exciting process for everyone involved. Each student come away with a keen knowledge of the Publishing Industry and will know how and where to send their work when they feel it is ready.

Course Intended for:

This course is ideal for writers at all levels of their career. It suits beginners and those who need a channel to express themselves creatively. No experience is required as the course will cover the basics of writing and gradually move through the different stages towards publishing success. It will be an enjoyable, stress free course with opportunity to be published at the end. It will also help those writers working in isolation and looking for a constructive environment to share and develop their work.

*The course will differ in content from previous courses so don’t worry if you have taken Mick’s course before.*

Background of the course:

The Writing Class began in September 2017 and has since gone from strength to strength. Taught and co-ordinated by Mick Donnellan, with the help of the Lifelong Learning Department at AIT, the course has seen an exponential rise in demand coupled with a series of exciting successes. To date, three students have had books published and others have gone on to be accepted to prestigious writing programmes such as the Masters in Trinity and NUI Galway. Most recently, Aiden Shorthall shot to prominence with his gripping memoir: The Tree That Fell In Winter. He cites the writing course as a crucial instrument on his road to success.

The course covers an array of genres such as Fiction, Playwrighting, Journalism, Screenwriting, Poetry and the Publishing industry. The aim is to determine the best voice for each student/writer that enrols. Writers often come to the class believing they are Novelists and leave as Poets. Or start out thinking they want to be a Journalist only to discover they’re more of a Playwright. By covering each topic, we find the approach that best suits each student and allows  them the creative flexibility to explore their writing and reach their full potential.

Last semester, the class produced a collection of work titledTales from the Heart.  The contributors came from varied backgrounds and professions and provided a unique and creative insight with their stories and poetry. Hailing fr​om Athlone and the surrounding towns of the midlands, each student drew deep to put their life experience on paper. While some had experience in the creative industry, the majority of the writers were making their publishing debut here in exemplary style. 

The idea behind the publication was to take writers to the next step. They started the class with the imagination and moved to the written word but there was always a question of how to migrate these stories and ideas to the published form. Tales from the Heart was the perfect opportunity to make that happen. 

After ten weeks of teaching, experimenting with form and style, and developing each entry to perfection – we eventually had the finished product. Every writer  excelled themselves to push their imagination to the limit and beyond and they now have the experience and confidence to push forward into a rich and rewarding career in the writing industry. The collection was launched at the AIT in April 2019 by Mary O’Rourke and was recognised as a publishing success. You can read more about Tales from the Heart on www.mickdonnellan.com

About Mick
Mick completed the MA in Writing at NUIG in 2004. Since then he has worked as a novelist, journalist, travel writer, teacher and Playwright. He completed his first novel, El Niño, in 2005 and immediately secured a literary agent. He left Ireland soon after and went on to live in Spain, Australia and Canada. While traveling he worked as a travel writer and Journalist and co-founded the Arts Paper – Urban Pie – in Vancouver. Upon returning to Ireland he went on to work with Druid (2009) and RTE (2010).

More recently, he established his own theatre company, Truman Town Theatre. All Truman Town Plays are written, directed, and produced by Mick. The company exploded on to the theatrical circuit in 2011 with their hit Play – Sunday Morning Coming Down. Following a national tour, they went on to produce (and tour) two more hugely successful Plays Shortcut to Hallelujah and Gun Metal Grey. These dramas eventually became known as the “Ballinrobe Trilogy”. More recently, the company toured a fourth Play Velvet Revolution and in 2014, Radio Luxembourg, his fifth Play, was bought by a London Film Company (Dixon/Baxi/Evans) and has been adapted for the screen.

The title for the movie version is “Tiger Raid”. Starring Brian Gleeson, Damian Molony and Sofia Boutella, it had its world premiere at the Tribeca film festival (2016) and was also seen at Cannes and Edinburgh and the Irish Premiere was screened at the Galway Film Fleadh.

El Niño is now published and Mick is currently in negotiations to sell the screen rights. Between that, he teaches writing while promoting his second novel “Fisherman’s Blues” and keeping Truman Town on the go.

Most of 2018 has been working on the exciting screen adaptation of “Shortcut to Hallelujah” with Florence Films. Hot off the press, the screenplay is titled “Sam” and is based around the gypsy curse supposedly set on the Mayo Football team as they returned home as All Ireland Champions in 1951. “Sam” is set in the present day and deals with themes of Mayo life and the hope of bringing the Sam Maguire home. Drenched in Irish lyricism and modern day dark humour, the script has been been met with keen interest by film producers and actors throughout the industry.

Mick’s third novel Mokusatsu – a crime novel set between Galway and Athlone – was published in May 2019.

See more on www.mickdonnellan.com


Mokusatsu – A Novel by Mick Donnellan.

(Includes Worldwide Delivery and Postage) Charlie’s out on bail and back on the sauce. Still devastated over the events of El Niño, he drinks to kill the pain and robs all he can to feel alive. But the past won’t give him peace. The police want him in jail. Kramer’s old crew have a price on his head, and his new employer has big plans to carve out his own niche in the criminal underworld — with Charlie at the helm. Roped into a series of audacious heists and ingenious schemes, he finds himself involved with illegal diesel in Westmeath, stolen cash machines in Mayo and violent debt collection in Galway. Couple that with his regular income of stealing wallets and robbing shops and you have a cyclone of a man roaring down a path to destruction. And bringing everybody with him. And then there’s Karena. The beautiful girl that may save him — but maybe she should know better? At times dark, others touching, and often comic, Mokusatsu is a fiction readers feast of Irish Crime Writing.


Tales from the Heart – New Writing from Athlone Institute of Technology.

Buy “Tales from the Heart” here and have it delivered in Paperback Directly to your Door! * Tales from the Heart is a recent publication from the AIT Writing Class, launched by Mary O’Rourke in early April of this year. Here you will find a striking array of Prose, Non-Fiction and Poetry that can have you laughing out loud in one story and bringing a tear to the eye in the next. The prose is always lyrical, the poetry always profound and the true stories are drenched in observational brilliance. From interviews with Maeve Binchy to hard boiled Noir and beautiful memoir, this is a mouth watering collection that will be devoured by readers from all walks of life. The Writers The contributors come from varied backgrounds and professions and provide a unique and creative insight with their stories and poetry. Hailing fr​om Athlone and the surrounding towns of The Midlands, each student has drawn deep to put their life experience on paper. While some have experience in the creative industry, the majority of the writers are making their publishing debut here in exemplary style. The idea behind the publication is to take writers to the next step. They started the class with the imagination and moved to the written word but there was always a question of how to migrate these stories and ideas to the published form. Tales from the Heart was the perfect opportunity to make that happen. After ten weeks of teaching, experimenting with form and style, and developing each entry to perfection – we now have the finished product. Read more on http://www.mickdonnellan.com


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