Mayo County Library to Stock Mokusatsu at all venues.


Mayo Country Library have requested an order of Mick Donnellan’s third novel – “Mokusatsu” to be stocked at all libraries around the county.

It will be widely available there in the coming weeks. Please ask your local librarian for an update if looking to borrow.

Special thanks to Mary Farragher and all involved.

You can read more about Mokusatsu below:




Mokusatsu – A Novel by Mick Donnellan.

(Includes Worldwide Delivery and Postage) Charlie’s out on bail and back on the sauce. Still devastated over the events of El Niño, he drinks to kill the pain and robs all he can to feel alive. But the past won’t give him peace. The police want him in jail. Kramer’s old crew have a price on his head, and his new employer has big plans to carve out his own niche in the criminal underworld — with Charlie at the helm. Roped into a series of audacious heists and ingenious schemes, he finds himself involved with illegal diesel in Westmeath, stolen cash machines in Mayo and violent debt collection in Galway. Couple that with his regular income of stealing wallets and robbing shops and you have a cyclone of a man roaring down a path to destruction. And bringing everybody with him. And then there’s Karena. The beautiful girl that may save him — but maybe she should know better? At times dark, others touching, and often comic, Mokusatsu is a fiction readers feast of Irish Crime Writing.


2 thoughts on “Mayo County Library to Stock Mokusatsu at all venues.”

  1. Hello Mick Congratulation on your continued success. Enjoy the video. Yours sincerely Andy Kilmartin
    FLYING [] Flying from the Andy Kilmartin Collective


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