New Patreon Account.

I’ve started a Patreon account. It’s a subscription based website for Artists that allows followers to contribute to an artist’s work in return for rewards such as advance copies of novels, comped tickets for Plays/Films or access to expertise they may be interested in.
I’ll be sharing my teaching methods and notes and keeping all fans and followers informed of upcoming events.
Probably the most interesting thing for aspiring writers is that I’ll be using it as critiquing and feedback service. For anyone that wants to get in touch for advice, editing or direction in publishing.  I’ll be able to commit some time and help in any way I can.
You’ll have full access to all my notes and teaching methods as well as podcasts, videos and new work I’ll soon be bringing to fruition.

As always, there’s no expectation or obligation. I’m always open to help and give feedback when I can anyway but lately it’s been hard to find the time and this might be a valuable resource to begin with. It’s also a good way to build a community and stay in touch.

Even if you’re not an artist or writer, it’s an indirect way to support my work and enjoy the rewards as they come as well as helping to make new work happen.

It works on a tier system of monthly subscriptions and the lowest one is $1.50 (about €1.30) per month and can be cancelled any time. Similar to Netflix or Spotify. Again, no expectation.

Click on the link below if you’re curious or interested. Or maybe just to share it.

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