El Niño, and the pub, and the great Art of Procrastination. #16

In the pub, Paddy the poet has a book of Poems written. They’re all in a crumpled notebook in his pocket. Last year the big publishing companies turned him down and he’s been drinking about it since. No one understands him. But soon they’ll all learn when he makes it big. No more of that “mainstream crap.” Meanwhile, Dave’s a singer/songwriter. Is working on some new stuff. Has a friend who’s going to set up a recording studio next year and they’re going to make an album. No point doing anything until then, better just wait til “…it’s all set up….’  Amanda the actor’s just back from an audition. She doesn’t think it went well. Then again, this is not exactly London. She trained in London, see. In a place called after Shakespeare – big names came through there. €10,000 a year to train. Her parents money. Learned the Chekov technique. Is thinking maybe Ireland is not for her anymore. Will move back to the UK soon and start her career properly. No point yet, til she gets the money together. Knows a new theatre company starting up after the summer. Waiting til they get it organised. Have guaranteed her parts. Ideal for the Chekov technique. They’re applying for funding from the Arts Council too. And if they get that, they’ll pay her. And then she can make the move back to the West End where the real work is.

Meanwhile it’s Joe’s round. Joe’s a novelist. Working on a new draft. Showed it to a fella last year, who knows a fella who has a dad that had a book published in 1975. The advice was to try a different angle. Hobbits and Fairies have been overdone. Nobody wants to read about goblins anymore. What’s the new thing, the new edge, the next frontier of evolutionary fiction? Joe says he knows what it is. Has the idea. But won’t tell anyone in case they steal it. He’s going to start writing it soon.

Here comes Samantha, just back from doing extra work on the set down town. She met some famous actors and had coffee with a sound technician. Thinks the contacts are good for the future. Samantha wants to work in TV. She did a Masters a while back and has been going from nixer to nixer ever since. Last year she got a speaking part on Fair City. They told her she did great and have her on file for more. But if that doesn’t work out, she’s going to start “…making my own stuff….” Her boyfriend John’s got a camera and there’s a few lads she knows from the Masters that are good at the “editing stuff.”

Amanda the actor says this is a great idea and if she needs any actors to let her know. Samantha says she will of course, but doesn’t sound like she will. Joe reckons he can pull a script together if they need it and Paddy says he’ll provide some Poetic lines if she wants it. The pints are here now, Guinness and lager all around. It’s Wednesday so Dave’s playing tonight at the Open Mic. He’s not sure if he’ll do it because he thinks the other candidates play a lot of rubbish and he wants to ‘…keep it real….’ but we all say we’ll go to support him, and don’t be daft, he’s brilliant, and no point going home til then. Thanks, he says, and we all take a drink.


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