Hypnopaedia – Smartphone Mind Control.

‘They do it in your sleep.’

‘What do they do?’

‘Plant ideas.’

‘What kind of ideas?’

‘Think about it – were you ever walking down the street and then suddenly some app, or piece of software on your phone just activates for no reason.’

‘It happened to me last week. Radio App just opened and started playing music.’

‘See this is what I’m talking about.’

‘I still don’t understand.’


‘Which is…..’

‘Did you study any languages at school?’

‘French. German. Irish.’

‘And did anyone anyone ever advise you to take a tape, like a French tape, and play it while you were asleep?’

‘No, what would be the point?’

‘They reckon when you’re asleep – and dreaming – your subconscious is wide open. Your conscious mind is asleep but that only accounts for 10% of your brain power anyway. The other 90% per cent is never used.’

‘I heard about that. Some geniuses are said to be able to tap into it.’

‘Yeah, and mystics, and magicians, and telepaths and people that can move things with their mind.’

‘What’s this got to do with learning French?’

‘If you play a tape when you’re asleep, and the door to the unconscious is open – then the other 90% of your brain power can absorb the language and when you wake up, you understand it an awful lot better. It becomes easier to learn, simpler to understand and speak, because the software has been pre-installed.’

‘Like computer code.’

‘Exactly. It’s the difference between using an App and having to make the App yourself. Hypnopaedia – Sleep Learning.’

‘Sounds like a good process to me.’

‘It is – great. But what if it’s being used for mind control?’

‘How? If you don’t put in a mind control tape then they can’t mind control you?’

‘On your fuckin phone.’


‘You sleep with your phone beside you, right? Like on the locker, or under the pillow, or on the ground beside your bed?’


‘Yeah, so. Take some basic GPS Photography, Heart Tracker Monitors or even just a Microphone to listen to your breathing and someone with access to your phone can tell you’re asleep….’


‘No. They can. They can even tell your phone hasn’t been touched or checked for hours. This has all been worked out.’

‘And what do they do?’

‘They whisper….into your subconscious.’

‘What do they whisper?’

‘Anything they want. Ever wake up in the morning and think – maybe I need glasses? And you check your phone and there’s a Specsavers advertisement? Or you’re unhappy with your car and suddenly you start seeing ads for cars everywhere?’

‘I thought that was targeting – like they profile you on your Apps and Online behaviour and conversations and then decide what you might like?’

‘And that’s ok with you?’

‘No. But. What – my phone comes on in the night and talks me into buying stuff?’


‘And what if there’s someone else in the room – can they not hear it?’

‘It’s low, it’s a whisper. Like a dog whistle. Even if someone else could hear it – what would they do? Get up and turn it off and forget about it.’

‘So we’re all manipulated consumers?’

Exactly. They used to do it through the water. Chemicals that would reduce your impulse control but they kept getting the mix wrong and people were always dying. And dead people can’t buy anything, right? And then there was the planes….’

‘What happened with the planes?’

‘Chemtrails. Aircraft spraying mind altering chemicals on the population but that got kinda obvious after a while….and expensive. Basically they had to kill every pilot, and everyone involved, and it was a nightmare finding new staff….so now it’s cheap and cheerful Smartphone Manipulation.’

‘We can always switch them off.’

‘No you can’t. They’re indispensable now. And Smartchips are already rolled out in Scandinavia. Kids will be born already integrated.’

‘But if we know. We can do something about it.’

‘Free will is long dead. Think about it – Elections, Referendums, Lone Wolf Assassins, Billionaires with huge influence on the stock market….all directed by one tiny voice in the night.’

‘And who is the voice? Who’s on the other end?’

‘It’s the new God, brother. Talking through the technological cosmos. We had a God and we killed him. And this is the best of what’s left….’

hypnopaedia | ˌhɪpnəʊˈpiːdɪə | (US hypnopedia) noun [mass noun] learning by hearing while asleep or under hypnosis.
Oxford English Dictionary.



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