Apple Controversy in Athenry?

‘Would you like a fried egg?’

‘No thanks.’

‘That’s good cos the eggs are all cracked. Tea?’

‘I’ll chance coffee.’


‘No thanks – I’m lactose intolerant.’

‘Milk is sour anyway.’

He went to the kitchen.

I checked out his bookshelf.

Lots of hardbacks on history and philosophy. Glue bound chunks of captured world events and thought.



The Girl in the Picture.

He came back with the Maxwell House, said: ‘Check if that’s too hot.’

It wasn’t. I said: ‘Perfect. Thanks. I like the books.’

‘Keeps me busy.’

‘Good bit on Vietnam there?’

‘I did a Phd on it. Did you ever hear of Agent Orange?’

‘I think so.’

‘The American Army sprayed it over the University of Hawaii in the 1960’s.’


‘They wanted to see how it worked?’

‘What does it do?’

‘It’s a Herbicide with a lethal component called Dioxin. They were testing it out for use in Vietnam. If they could kill all the vegetation on the trees then the Vietnamese would have nowhere to hide during the bombing campaigns.’

‘Did the army not know it was dangerous?’

‘They did. It was proven to cause Cancer, Leukaemia and horrific birth defects. They could have taken the Dioxin out and just used the plain herbicide but the process was deemed too expensive so they just left it in. They were smart like that. Money smart.’

‘I heard there’s a theory now they spray mind control chemicals disguised as the exhaust fumes from airplanes.’

‘Chemtrails.’ He said.

‘That’s it, yeah.’

‘Would you like a biscuit?’

‘I won’t, thanks.’

‘Good, we don’t have any anyway. Did you hear about Apple?’

‘Yeah, I heard they were building a factory down the road.’

‘Not anymore.’

‘Why not? I thought it was all planned.’

‘It was. but now it’s all gone to Denmark. It was the objections that put them off.’

‘People didn’t want it?’

‘Everyone around here wanted it. Look around you, there’s nothing else. The town is bypassed. Businesses are closing every ten minutes. We needed a boost. One worth 800 million.’

‘Was it the planning?’

‘The planning was accepted. Everything was fine, next thing this crowd started kicking up. People that aren’t even from the area.”

‘What were they protesting about?’

‘Frogs and flowers and all the usual bullshit. What’s a young lad supposed to do around here? There’s no work, there’s nothing to pass the time, no future. All he can do is emigrate. If Apple came there’d be some hope. Do you want a slice of Apple Tart?’

‘No, thanks.’

‘Good. It’s there since Christmas. What do you think about this storm?’

‘The Beast from the East?’


‘Looks like the worst is over.’

‘Depends.’ He said.

‘On what?’

‘The Chemtrails. That’s what’s causing all this. Same as the University in Hawaii. We’re just Guinea pigs. They’re testing out ways to control the weather, and then they can control us using Social Media.’

‘Them Iphones have a lot to answer for.’

‘They do. Sure that’s all you need – fear. Bit of snow and a Red Alert and the whole country can be shut down. That’s where they went wrong with Agent Orange.’


‘Trying to physically control people. That’s impossible. It’s always been impossible. Taking over their minds is much simpler. Do you want a lift somewhere?’

‘You’re grand I can walk.’

‘No problem. Car’s fucked by the frost anyway.’



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