Paying the Penalty –

On the way to the airport – something went “Ding.”

It happened again on the way back.

Two weeks later the letter arrived.

The tone went as such:

You haven’t paid the toll, Micky.

There’s a penalty now, Micky.

Pay 12 Euros Micky or some awful things will happen.

They even had a list of places and methods on how to give them money.

The first one was in “Participating Payzone Outlets.”


I took a picture of the letter and brought it to the nearest Payzone.

“Yes.” Said the man behind the counter. “We can do this. What is your reg?”

I gave him my Reg.

“Great.” He said: ‘And how are you paying?’

“With my phone – Android Pay.”

“Wonderful.’ He said. “And can you pass me the letter?’

‘I have a picture of it.’

“Oooomp…” He said. ‘You need a physical copy, for the barcode. We can’t do this here. Have you tried just doing it online?’

‘No. But I will now.’

Later online. A big flashing symbol said “Click here to a Pay Penalty Now.’

So I clicked that. Then they asked me for the Journey Reference Number.

And I put that in.

And they came up with a lovely picture of my car and number plate.


And that was it. No option to Pay. No option to go forward, or back, or click anything else. just a picture of car and number plate.

By now, the letter was in Mayo and I was in Westmeath.

So I rang the Oul Fella and asked him to bring it physically to the Payzone and get it sorted. Half hour later he rang and said: ‘They won’t accept it.’

‘Why not?’

‘It comes up as: ERROR. And that’s all they said. They suggested doing it online?’

‘Tried that – won’t work.’

‘You could always ring them?’

Later on the phone, an automated voice gave me the option to Press 2 to Pay a Penalty.

So I pressed 2.

She asked me then for the Journey Reference Number.

So I put that in.

Then she said she’d transfer me to a customer service agent.

Then there was ringing and then another robotic voice said: ‘I’m sorry, we’re having difficulty. Please try again later.’

Tried later. Same.

Tried later. Same.


Eventually someone said: ‘They have an App! Have you tried downloading it? That’s probably all you need to do.’

So I found the App.


Hit Download and a message popped up saying: ‘Your Device is Incompatible with this APP.’

So there was no hope for the App either.

Went to Twitter. Asked them there.

Nothing back .

Went to the contact form on the site.

Asked them there.

Nothing back.

And now it’s too late. The deadline is gone by and some awful things are going to happen.




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