Buying Litecoin?


‘They reckon Bitcoin is going to hit a million per coin?’

‘Maybe, maybe not. It might crash too.’

‘So what do you recommend?’


‘What are they?’

‘Alternative CryptoCurrency.’

Is there a particular one?’

‘Yeah – Litecoin is Mooning right now.’

‘Is that a good thing?’

‘Means it’s heading for the moon.’

‘Like in a rocket?’

‘No – metaphorically. It’s gone from sub dollar to astronomical prices.’

‘So buy that?’

‘Maybe. But it could dip. It’s a good policy to buy the dips. Right now it’s at A-T-H?’


‘All time high. But there’s a lot of FUD out there so there could be a drop soon.’

‘FUD is….bad?’

‘FUD is Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt. The head of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, spoke out recently against Bitcoin. Caused a lot of FUD. Said it was a scam. An unreliable investment. And any of his employees caught dealing with it would be fired.’

‘Anyone get fired?’

‘No, but the price dropped significantly and the next day JP Morgan invested heavily – on behalf of their investors. When the FUD cleared, the price went up again and JP Morgan made a huge profit.’

‘Hmm…So all you have to do is buy some Altcoins, wait for them to hit an A-T-H and try not to get overhwhelmed by the FUD.’

‘Yeah, you need to HODL that shit.’


‘Hold on for dear life. Someone somewhere in the past mixed up the word Hold for HODL and then it stuck as an acronym for holding out through the storms and watching the prices moon.’

‘Ok, so Litecoin is the way to go?’

‘That’s what I’d recommend. Avoid the Shitcoins too.’


‘Coins that are shit. There are respectable coins out there – based in real companies with exciting technology. Then there are clowns that just make up ICO’s and sell them to gullible idiots. Once they get enough of it, they close down shop and disappear. Adios.’

‘How can people get caught so easy?’

‘It’s common – greed, stupidity and FOMO.’

‘What’s FOMO?’

‘Fear of Missing Out. Everyone thinks the first two cent coin they see is the next Bitcoin Billion and they put their money on it to avoid regret. Even when they don’t know wtf it is, or where their money is going.’

‘So you need to trust the person selling it?’

‘Yeah, use trusted exchanges. Put your money into something like Litecoin and HODL until you’re ready to sell.’

‘Any other good Altcoins?’

‘XRP – Also known as Ripple is good. Stellar Lumens are also doing well. Some people suggest IOTA. It’s all about having an alternative to FIAT currency.’

‘What’s FIAT currency?’

‘Any established, government backed currency like the Dollar/ Euro/Pound etc is FIAT. What we’re talking about are Cryptocurencies. Although some governments are now embracing Crypto as their national currency.’

‘Like who?’

‘Venezuela for one. But it’s getting big in third world countries where people are unbanked. Crypto is overwhelmed with speculators right now but imagine all the people that can buy goods and services without needing a bank account, credit card, ATM, anything…..a truly decentralized financial system. With world wide reach. Instant communication. You can be your own bank. No one charging you interest, taking away your home, no need to ever deal with a crippling financial system again. The end of poverty.’

‘Are they banks not resisting?’

‘The banks will be dinosaurs soon. So who cares? You want a good link? Here it is brother.’

Mokusatsu – A Novel by Mick Donnellan.

(Includes Worldwide Delivery and Postage) Charlie’s out on bail and back on the sauce. Still devastated over the events of El Niño, he drinks to kill the pain and robs all he can to feel alive. But the past won’t give him peace. The police want him in jail. Kramer’s old crew have a price on his head, and his new employer has big plans to carve out his own niche in the criminal underworld — with Charlie at the helm. Roped into a series of audacious heists and ingenious schemes, he finds himself involved with illegal diesel in Westmeath, stolen cash machines in Mayo and violent debt collection in Galway. Couple that with his regular income of stealing wallets and robbing shops and you have a cyclone of a man roaring down a path to destruction. And bringing everybody with him. And then there’s Karena. The beautiful girl that may save him — but maybe she should know better? At times dark, others touching, and often comic, Mokusatsu is a fiction readers feast of Irish Crime Writing.


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