Scammers –

‘I used to work in security.’ She said.

‘In a nightclub?’

‘No a Supermarket. You’d be surprised the kind of people that get caught.’


‘Yeah. people that work there, managers and that, that have the keys, they’d be comin in a three o’clock in the mornin and takin cereals and food and everythin…thinkin nobody would notice. So it’d be my job to catch them.’

‘And what would you do if you caught them?’

‘It depends on the circumstances. If a person is stealing just to be greedy, then you press charges. But then we had a woman one time that was in an abusive marriage and she had no money. Husband wouldn’t give it to her, so she had to steal to feed the kids. We knew she was at it, but we had to be sure, so we watched her, waited seven nights outside the shop until we caught her. When we looked through the bag you could see the story – loaves of bread, milk, butter, baby food, nappies and wipes. And bruises on her arms and a fresh black eye.’

‘Did you call the guards?’

‘No, in that case we called a Social Worker. It actually worked out better for her in the end.’

‘Did you ever catch customers stealing?’

‘Oh yeah. All sorts. A lot of alcoholics. Funny thing about them is they’ll actually pay for the drink, but steal the food. Because if you catch them at least they’ll still have the drink, even though you might take the food off them because it’s stolen. They don’t care as long as they have the booze. But everyone gets caught eventually, it all comes down to greed. They get blinded by it.’

‘Three’s scammers too, isn’t there? Like people that pretend they’re stealin….so you’ll stop them, and then they pull out a receipt and can accuse you of defamation and get money in court.’

‘There is. They try that too. It doesn’t always work, but they try it. Once you know what they’re at, you just have to be sure before you make an accusation. I’ll tell you a good one, though. There’s people that come into the shop and they buy a basket of stuff, walk up to the counter and pay for it, get a receipt and walk out to their car. Then they come back in, go round the shop again and pick up precisely the same stuff that they already bought and walk out the door with it.’


‘Think about it. They still have the receipt from the first time they bought it. So they have that with them. Then they come in and steal it the second time so when you stop them, they pull out the receipt and say: ‘Here’s proof I bought this stuff already.’ And it’s all written there so you have to let them go in case it’s defamation…’

‘Great imaginations.’

‘Cute whores, I tell ya. You couldn’t be up to some of them.’


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