Chemtrails –

‘Did you hear,’ she asked: ‘that they’ve proven now that vaccinations can cause Autism?’
‘Yeah, it’s a scientific fact. My kids are not getting any shots anyway, that’s for sure.’
‘I hadn’t heard, I mean, I’d heard rumours, but not that it was actually proven.’
‘I know, mad isn’t it?’
‘Was it from a Doctor you heard it? Or some scientific journal or something…’
‘No – Facebook.’
‘Facebook – yeah, someone had it up. So it must be true. Like, isn’t it awful?’
‘Tis. Mightn’t be true though.’
‘Yeah, but it probably is.’ She said. ‘Like, how else are peoples kids getting it?’
‘Might just be a coincidence.’
‘I dunno….like my cousin’s child has it, but her father had it, but now she has a kid with a new fella, and there’s nothin wrong with him, but her new kid has it, and both kids had vaccinations so what’s that about?’
‘And did any of the kids ever have Measles?’
‘Or Mumps?’
‘Or Rubella?’
‘No – I don’t think so.’ Then she screamed into the kitchen. ‘MAMMY!!!’
A croaky voice answered: ‘Wha…’
‘What was wrong with the child last year?’
‘What was wrong with the child last year – do you know when she was sick…’
‘Bug.’ Came the croaky answer.
‘Oh yeah.’ She said turning to me. ‘She had that oul bug….anyway…. do you have kids?’
‘How many?’
‘I’ve a two year old daughter.’
‘And did she have the shots?’
‘She did.’
‘And is she Autistic?’
‘Oh. That’s lucky isn’t it?’
‘That’s one word for it.’
‘Did you know you can buy Autism now? – or anythin you like.’
‘How do you mean?’
‘Like – if you want extra Social Welfare, and you have a child, you can pay the doctors to give them a condition like. So the Social will give you more money.’
‘Yeah, it started in America – It’s called Dollar Diagnosis. If your baby has a condition, like Autism, you get an extra €30 a week or something from the government. So you tell the doctor to give you the slip to say your kid has it and you pay him like €350 or somethin and he’ll do it for you….’
‘Did you see that on Facebook too?’
‘No. My neighbour did it. She was in here boasting about it. Isn’t it shockin?’
‘And weed can cure cancer.’
‘Weed. They’re sayin now there’s a special chemical in it that can cure Cancer. If you have Cancer like you just put the weed into cookies and you eat it and the Cancer goes away. It tells the Cancer to kill itself, and not your good cells.’
‘Was that proved too?’
‘Yeah, well there’s people on the Internet like, and they’re sayin they were told there was no more treatments and that was it…. and next thing they tried this and they got better.’
‘Do you know anyone that tried that?’
‘No – sure it’s illegal in Ireland. So.’
‘I wonder if any doctors have looked into that yet?’
‘Doubt it. Sure they’re all in on it anyway. Big companies just want to make money on the medicines. Same as politicians. Did you know them meters they installed for the water can cause you to go mad?’
‘They can?’
‘Yeah, they have some kinda magnetic vibrations that causes your brain to meltdown….and did you know they have a thing now in that rain that controls your mind….?’
‘There’s planes flyin over head that spray this….spray….I’m tellin ya…people think I’m crazy….look it up on Youtube…just type in Fema Camps…did you know 200 thousand homeless people went missin in America last year….?’
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