The Healer –

He kept talking to me in the shopping centre. Said he’d made friends with the girl selling jewellery and a few more around the place. Liked to connect with people. “…build up a rapport…” He was always on the verge of going but kept pausing to make another point. Eventually he said: ‘And what’s your name?’
‘Howya, Mick. I’m Jimmy.’
‘Howya, Jimmy.’
‘I’m a healer you know.’
‘Oh yeah?’
‘Yeah, do you know anyone sick?’
‘I have the healing powers.’
‘What have you healed?’
He blinked and said: ‘Nothing.’
‘Then how can you….?’
‘I haven’t healed anythin…’ Then he pointed at the roof and said: ‘Jesus does it through me.’
‘Yeah, people say to me all the time, what have you healed? How do you do it? And I say: It’s not me, it’s the man upstairs.’
‘And what does….the man upstairs, heal through you?’
‘Oh anythin you want. Depression, anxiety, sickness, it’s up to him, I just pray with people. I do it through Skype, over the phone, in person, anythin you like. I’m big with the Africans.’
‘Are they into healin’ as well?’
‘They are. In a big way. They’re always ringing me. You see, I trained with a Messianic Rabbi in Cavan, and he was very popular with them too.’
‘Are you like a Seventh Son of a Seventh son?’
‘No that’s all wrong, rubbish, a myth. It comes from the Book of Acts.’
‘What’s that?’
‘It’s the book after Revelation. The book of Acts. It’s more to do with the devil than it is with healing.’
‘So where do you get your powers?’
‘I don’t have any powers.’
He pointed at the ceiling. ‘Jesus has the power.’
‘Yeah, but, how did you ever find out you’re a healer?’
‘I just knew. Anyone that believes can be cured of anything. Once you believe, that’s the main thing. Then Jesus works through me and gives the cure.’
A man came along pushing a wheelie bin full of rubbish. Jimmy saw him and got excited. ‘Here’s Tom now!’

Then he said. ‘Tom?! Didn’t I cure your knee?’
Tom gave the impression that he hadn’t wanted to stop at all. He slowed up the wheelie, and said: ‘You did, Jimmy, good man.’
Jimmy looked at me, said: ‘See.’
Tom said: ‘My knee was bad and sure now it’s fine.’
Jimmy said: ‘Tom believes you see, that’s all it takes. Do you want my number?’
He was talking to me, so I said: ‘Just in case so.’
He gave it to me, then said: ‘I better go. Call me if you’re ever stuck.’
And he left.
Tom was still there. He looked at me and rolled his eyes with: ‘The poor oul bastard.’
‘Is he for real?’
‘Aragh sure.’
‘And what about your knee?’
‘Oh my knee is sound now. But sure I was in here one day and I just happened to mention I had a pain and sure he was down on his hands and knees straight away sayin the rosary! Now:….the pain went….but sure I was goin to multiple doctors and takin tablets at the same time so who knows?’
‘Who knows.’
‘Then again you can’t knock it. I had a niece that got the burn cure.’
‘What’s that?’
‘When burns are cured on the skin. A fella did it from up the country.’
‘What he do?’
‘Oh he had this special cream and he covered her whole body with it….’
‘And the burns went away?’
He put a hand on the bin, ready to go, then said: ‘No, he licked it off her. Two weeks later she was clear. Like the burns were never there. So you never know.’


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