Showbiz Correspondence –

Mick, Fuck me, your books are fantastic. I’ve ripped through both in a week. I’m trying to postpone finishing Fisherman’s Blues because I want to keep enjoying it but it’s FUCKING HARD MAN. They’re gripping. Did I hear it’s going to be a movie?

I love the Fringe in Hell, and Tom, I busted a gut in a cafe in the Plaza de España reading that, the gypsies were all staring at me. Does he have a copy? He’s not on Facebook anymore, so I can’t harass him.

What’s going on over there? I’m back in Portugal for a while, then doing a roadtrip with my agent back to Jordan. Fucking crazy, but looking forward to it.

I didn’t answer your last email, I was trying to think of interesting snippets to send you. I’m sure you could turn all of them into something more interesting.

Life over there is interesting for sure, many men have no respect for women, but fall in love like schoolboys and love romance movies and music, the irony in amazing. They’re like adolescents discovering sex and love. Biggest player in the last bar was begging me to sing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. wtf

Everything is run on bribes, you get stopped for a speeding ticket you have to bribe your way out.

I overstayed my visa and had to spend a week driving around with a Jordanian mafia kingpin sidekick while he “ran errands”, until I “made an appearance” at the Tribunal at court, which was literally making an appearance, walked across the street with kingpin, they saw me, gave a nod, we spun around and left. I was allowed to leave the country that night after a very tense interview with immigration a second time.

Food is awesome, not the tourist spots, that stuff’s shite, but the street food, or the tagines you can buy for 10 Dinar in the markets, that stuff’s great, tastes like real food. The spice markets are amazing, colours everywhere.

Beer, no idea, been sober for over a year now. Interesting change of scenery for me. Less fuzzy at least. And I never wake up in the morning and run to the hall to make sure I brought my guitar home. Welcome change.

Weather’s amazing, lowest it got in the winter was 20 degrees. We’re on the ocean so never got unbearably hot, like in the dessert, heading to Casablanca next, not my favourite spot, very busy, but lots to do as well.

Let me know how you’re doing. Miss you brother. Your autograph brought back some fond and fuzzy memories. Hope we can reconnect someday.



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