Message from Clive – frustrated Irishman working in London.

Have a big job shtarting monday , so ordered a haype of shtuff to be delivered today so we could make a blasht into the job on Monday.

So the driver turns up around one o’clock, mounts the kerb as he turns the corner and I’m thinking to myself “Jaysus, we musht have an agency dhriver here…”

So he pulls up outside the house and says where do you want the sand etc ? I said in the front garden . Ok he says. He was muthering away to himself, complain about the jib controls .

Anyway 2 minutes later I’m roaring my head off at him ” WATCH THE FUCKING WALL WILL YA!”

“You what mate?” Came his reply


He then said “Oh these walls take the slightest hits and they fall over.”
I said: ‘If you took the slightest hit of a ton bag of sand you’d fall over too, ya dopey bollocks…”

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