The Publishing Business.

See, Mick, that’s what happens. A book is sold for a tenner over the counter and the poor man in the shop needs a cut out of that, see. So he says, here, I’ll take a fiver for myself. Them lights, that heat, my hour’s wages, jez, you’d want it, at least, maybe more, say €5.20, leave a bit for himself that wrote it, there’s a good few pages in it, and sure he’s still making €4.80 a copy, isn’t that right? But no, you have think of the poor publisher too, see, sure, he’s not getting out of bed for the craic either. He has kids, and lights, and heat, and coffee to drink, and dreams to fulfil. Maybe this is the big one, the 80 million cracker, worldwide distribution, translation rights, film rights, sequels and spin offs. Maybe it’s a new genre altogether! He could be ahead of the curve, Mick, he wants to be famous too, worth a few per cent like. And sure when you think of them interns that are readin the manscripts for nothin, they deserve an odd dinner out,  it’s nice to do something for them too. So we’ll say a percentage for the publishing house, make it 35%? Sure isn’t the writer still makin a few pound with that, and when you think about who’s payin for the pages, and the paper, and the poor oul graphic designer? And they have ambitions too, there’s places in New York, didn’t you know? They’re looking for Graphic designers, and maybe this is the book they’ll notice, do you not like them colours? And that image on the front? Oh sure, jaysus, you can’t buy that for a million, catches the eye see, first impressions, good business on the book shelf. So where are you now? €5.20 to the shop and €3.50 to the publishes, so you’re up on €8.70 of your poor tenner, so there’s €1.30 left. Hmm, not too bad I suppose, like, if you could sell ten thousand of them, doesn’t happen often mind you, but that’s not to say it won’t happen now, I’m just tellin you the ways’ tis, tis all about the man that wrote the thing, and if people want to buy it, d’yonuderstand? That’s the publishing business.  So €1.30 a book isn’t too bad when you look at it like that. But come here and I ask you, wasn’t there an agent involved there somewhere? There was, I was thinkin, see, that’s another 10% now, the lads are expensive, but worth it too! So you’re down now to 30 cents of your tenner, not too bad like, if you sell a million, you know, that can happen too, does often happen too. Wasn’t there a book there a few years back? Da Vinci somethin? Sure that lad must be swimming in money now, and if multiply all them 30 cents then, and sure jaysyus, you’re on the gravy train then altogether! Oh, somethin I meant to mention, there’s a delivery charge too for deliverin the books. It’s kind of heaped in with the P&P and Handling Charges, so it’s ok that way, but, eh…that’s another 5% anyway, so you’re down to 15 cent now, which is good when you think about it. There’s many the man out there tonight without 15 cent in his pocket and he’d be damn glad to get it, and aren’t you keepin shops open, and publishers goin, and lads drivin vans with your books in the back, sure that must feel great? You must be awful proud of yourself? Worth the few years work writing it now when you think about it…are you workin on another one or….?

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