Text message from a struggling Actor.

Was up in Dublin yesterday going for an add! Waste of time! Place full of jackeeeens who all knew each other! They didn’t want or like the taste of fresh bull shite up from the west!! 2 and half hours up , 10 mins in there and out the gap! Not even a cup of tea only fancy talk and false smiles and winks! They’ll have no luck for it! I went into a shop and asked for a box of matches and the smart prick behind the counter said “are you allowed to have matches?” I looked at him and said “No , give me a lighter instead ….. My parole officer said nothing about lighters.”
Your man started laughing.I didn’t.
When I was walking out the door I said to him ” what’s the response time like for the fire service like around here ….? Have a safe weekend.”
His laughs disappeared!
Jackeeeens 0
Rednecks 1




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