The Lodge

Walking through the hospital. The sun was shining. Bouncing off the path. Some construction to the left and a stranger to the right. He said: “I’m goin for treatment now myself.” Asked him where and he said it was Radium. Was in Australia when they discovered the brain tumour. Had to come home. Go it taken out and now it’s treatment after that. Told him it must have been a shock and he said no, what can you do. Need to keep going. His hair was gone alright. But he was sound besides. Walking, talking, laughing. He was outta breath cos we’d spent the five minutes before helping two women jump a car. Their battery was flat. It was a Volvo and they had no breakdown assistance. It wouldn’t jump when we tried it either. So now here we are. Walking to the hospital. Him telling me bout his brain. Me going to pick up my mother. Two out of three people in the equation have cancer. Dunno bout the women in the Volvo. They were in what’s called The Lodge. Where you can stay when getting treatment if you come from a long distance. It was probably the old woman in the passenger seat when I was trying to clutch it and your man was pushing.
We walked on. At the corner he said: “I’ll go in here now.” I said besta luck and he said thanks. There was a cold breeze when I turned the corner. Lots of badly parked cars. My mother rang. She said: “…I’m here now so….”  Told her I won’t be long.

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